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Table 3 A list of binary destination vectors (BDV)

From: BioVector, a flexible system for gene specific-expression in plants

Vector names Vector type Selection markers in E. coli Selection markers in plants Comments ABRC stock number
Fu39-14 BDV1 Ampicilin Glufosinate To express a genomic gene CD3-1850
Fu39-15 BDV1 Kanamycin Glufosinate CD3-1851
Fu36-2 BDV1 with 35S promoter Ampicilin Glufosinate To express a gene from 35S promoter CD3-1852
Fu39-1 BDV2 Ampicilin Glufosinate To express a gene from a promoter of interest CD3-1853
Fu39-2 Kanamycin Glufosinate CD3-1854
Fu39-3 Spectinomycin Glufosinate CD3-1855
Fu39-4 Ampicilin Kanamycin CD3-1856
Fu39-5 Kanamycin Spectinomycin CD3-1857
Fu39-6 Kanamycin GFP CD3-1858
Fu39-7 Kanamycin CFP CD3-1859
Fu39-10 Kanamycin mRFP CD3-1860
Fu39-11 Kanamycin Kanamycin CD3-1861
Fu39-12 Ampicilin mRFP CD3-1862
Fu39-13 Ampicilin Spectinomycin CD3-1863
Fu39-9 BDV3 Kanamycin Glufosinate To silence a gene CD3-1864
Fu39-8 BDV4 Ampicilin Glufosinate To express a gene from ethanol inducible promoter CD3-1865
  1. All vectors were delivered to ABRC ( All the sequences are showed in Additional file 1.