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Table 1 A list of gene entry clones (GEC)

From: BioVector, a flexible system for gene specific-expression in plants

Vector name Tag and its position Restriction enzyme sites at both ends of tags ABRC stock number
Fu28 C-GFP Sac I CD3-1822
Fu30 N-GFP Bgl II CD3-1823
Fu41 N-YFP Bgl II, Xba I CD3-1824
Fu42 C-YFP EcoR I, Sac I CD3-1825
Fu43 N-CFP Bgl II, Xba I CD3-1826
Fu44 C-CFP EcoR I, Sac I CD3-1827
Fu45 N-mRFP Bgl II, Xba I CD3-1828
Fu46 C-mRFP EcoR I, Sac I CD3-1829
Fu47 N-3MYC Bgl II CD3-1830
Fu48 C-3MYC Sac I CD3-1831
Fu49 N-3FLAG Bgl II CD3-1832
Fu50 C-3FLAG Sac I CD3-1833
Fu55 N-3HA Bgl II CD3-1834
Fu56 C-3HA EcoR I CD3-1835
Fu58 N-GST Bgl II, Xba I CD3-1836
Fu59 N-StrepII Bgl II CD3-1837
Fu60 N-NLS Bgl II CD3-1838
Fu61 C-NES Sac I CD3-1839
Fu62 C-GUS EcoR I, Sac I CD3-1840
Fu63 C-LUC EcoR I, Sac I CD3-1841
Fu64 N-FLAG; C-YFPc Bgl II for FLAG; CD3-1842
EcoR I, Sac I for YFPc
Fu65 N-MYC; C-YFPn Bgl II for MYC; CD3-1843
EcoR I, Sac I for YFPn
Fu66 N-YFPc; C-HA Bgl II, Xba I for YFPc; CD3-1844
Sac I for HA
Fu67 N-YFPn; C-MYC Bgl II, Xba I for YFPn; Sac I for MYC CD3-1845
Fu79 Tag free   CD3-1846
  1. All vectors were delivered to ABRC ( “N” or “C” indicates that the position of a tag is at the “N” or “C” terminus of a target gene, “n” or “c” for the “n” or “c” half part of YFP fluorescence protein. All vectors contain recombination sites of attL1 and attL2 and have the chloramphenicol selection marker in E. coli. All the sequences are showed in Additional file 1.