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Table 1 Fruit size and ethylene production of female and bisexual flowers among monoecious and partially andromonoecious plants in the selfing progeny of Cavili (F2 population)

From: Involvement of ethylene biosynthesis and signalling in fruit set and early fruit development in zucchini squash (Cucurbita pepoL.)

F2 segregation (No. plants) Flower phenotype Ovary length at anthesis (mm) Ethylene production at 3 DPA (nL/gr FW)
Monoecious (23 plants) Female 78.10±4.23 a 10.90±2.94 a
Partially andromonoecious (72 plants) Female 77.43±1.00 a 10.90±2.94 a
  Bisexual 139.07±4.75 b 2.51±1.23 b
  1. Ovary size and ethylene production data were obtained from 25 replicates for each flower phenotype. Different letters within the same column indicate significant differences between female and bisexual flowers (t-analysis, p<0,01).