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Table 4 The function annotated of TFs validated by qRT-PCR

From: Identification of drought stress-responsive transcription factors in ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaud)

Gene Family Function annotated
Unigene4099 bHLH UNE10-like transcription factor
Unigene8530 DOF DOF domain class transcription factor
Unigene2022 C2H2L C2H2L domain class transcription factor
Unigene957 AP2 AP2 domain class transcription factor
Unigene9044 NAC NAC domain-containing protein 8, putative
Unigene13775 NAC NAC domain-containing protein 7-like, putative
Unigene8373 NAC NAC domain-containing protein 100-like, putative
Unigene19721 GRAS DELLA protein, putative
Unigene565 HD-Zip homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-16-like, putative
Unigene1569 MYB myb transcription factor
Unigene5955 ARF auxin-responsive family protein, putative
Unigene19209 HD-Zip transcription regulator, putative