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Table 2 G6 candidate genes showing the largest fold differences relative to G12 at day 7 of induction

From: Potential link between biotic defense activation and recalcitrance to induction of somatic embryogenesis in shoot primordia from adult trees of white spruce (Picea glauca)

  Acronym Putative ID G6 / G12 G6 / G12 G6 G12 UniGene
Day 0 Day 7 Day 7/0 Day 7/0
DHN1a Dehydrin 1.04 5.29 16.98 3.65 Pgl.27264
DHN1b Pgl.27244
DHN1c Pgl.12105
QT-repeat Unknown 1.00 5.45 12.42 2.28 Psi.6570
PgPrx52 Class III Peroxidase 1.00 4.34 7.28 1.68 Pgl.27374
Proline-rich Unknown 1.00 3.57 3.57 1.00 Pgl.22151
  1. Fold differences between day 0 and 7 within each genotype are also listed for each candidate gene, along with their UniGene accession number. The DHN1 dehydrin candidate was found to be encoding for three closely related variants (Figure 3A, Additional file 2).