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Figure 5

From: Organ-specific remodeling of the Arabidopsis transcriptome in response to spaceflight

Figure 5

GFP reporter gene images from Run 3A, Plate 1. (A) Three GFP reporter gene lines were planted on each plate: 35s::GFP (left), Adh::GFP (center) and DR5r::GFP (right). The ground control plate (GC) is shown on the left and the corresponding flight plate (FLT) on right. Both were 14.5-days old at the end of the experiment. The constitutive expression of the GFP reporter in the 35s::GFP plants is visible in both images. There was no apparent GFP expression induced by the Adh promoter (Adh::GFP), although the DR5r::GFP plants show differential GFP expression in hypocotyls. (B) Enlarged views of Adh::GFP and DR5r::GFP hypocotyls are shown for three developmental time points: 3.5, 7.5, and 14 days. These time points correspond to the arrows along the x-axis in the graphs of (C). (C) Quantification of green fluorescence in Adh::GFP and DR5r::GFP hypocotyls for ground control and flight plants over time. The graphs plot the average GFP value in the Adh::GFP and DR5r::GFP hypocotyls at each time point. Ground control (GC) values are presented in diamonds (Adh-green, DR5r::GFP-blue) and flight (FLT) values as squares (Adh-purple, DR5r::GFP-red). The y-axis provides green channel intensity in arbitrary units, and the x-axis shows the elapsed hours since germination was initiated. Images were collected every 6 hours. Missing FLT values on the graph are due to missing orbital images. Each value is the average of the scan of the same set of hypocotyls captured at each time point; error bars reflect standard error of the mean: n = 5 for GC; n = 7 for FLT. These images were identically treated with respect to background noise subtraction and adjustments of brightness and contrast to enhance visibility of hypocotyls. Visibility adjustments of these images do not affect the quantitative data collected through ImageJ from the original images and those presented in the graph.

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