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Table 1 Summary of RT-PCR reactions performed for selected TDFs a

From: Genome-wide identification of differentially expressed genes under water deficit stress in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

TDF ID Description Category EST cDNA-AFLPb Sizì (bp) RT-PCRd
02 C11 Hypothetical Unclassified DT468917 up R 161 N
02 H11 Hypothetical DW510601 up R 208 Y
02A12 Hypothetical DW498397 up R 244 Y
06E08 no homology na* up R 186 Y
06B01 glycosyl transferase family 1 protein ES813597 up L 225 N
01D09 nucleic acid binding protein/cold shock induced Stress/Defense ES820443 up R 268 Y
01B11 chloroplast heat shock protein 70.1 DT572113 up L up R 176 Y
02D03 glutathione S-transferase DW495591 up L 320 N
02A05 Lea5-D/Drought induced DW228770 up R 233 Y
02A09 manganese superoxide dismutase-like protein DW226492 dn R 209 N
03E11 universal stress protein DW484973 up R 350 N
04B09 Hsp70 DW486235 up R 275 Y
02 C06 phosphoethanolamine N-methyltransferase DW238205 up R 505 N
07B12 phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate reductase family protein EY197850 up R 273 Y
A04H12 Cu/Zn SOD JG454758 up R 338 Y
03A07 beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase II Metabolism DW238354 up R 333 Y
08 H05 ribose-5-phosphate isomerase DT556372 up L 227 Y
08D03 mannose-6-phosphate isomerase DW497531 up R 175 N
03 H01 MADS-box protein (AGL84) Gene Regulation ES839612 up L 151 N
02 F09 translation initiation factor-like protein EX172706 up R 230 Y
04 G11 RAN2; GTP binding Signal Transduction ES827152 dn R 180 Y
08 H03 Lipoxigenase 3 DT567650 up R 190 Y
03 F02 oligo Peptide transporter, putative Transport DW502711 dn R 200 N
06 C03 aquaporin PIP1;3/1;4 DQ402075 up R 466 Y
06E09 aquaporin PIP1;12 GU998829 up L 313 N
    dn R   
04D09 Serine carboxypeptidase Protein Fate DT456670 dn R 200 Y
01E10 Photosystem I reaction center subunit VI Photosynthesis EY197220 up L 189 N
07E12 Cytochrome b6-f complex   ES845215 dn L 285 N
07E02 hydrolase Cell Growth/Structure DT465622 dn L 189 N
A5B01 Expansin   DW494258 dn L 278 Y
  1. aAll reactions were replicated at least twice and two separate gel electrophoresis were performed per reaction.
  2. bup and dn represent up-regulation and down-regulation, respectively in root (R) and leaf (L) tissues.
  3. cexpected size from PCR amplification.
  4. dRT-PCR results which correspond to cDNA-AFLP data (Y) and do not (N).
  5. *Not available.