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Table 1 Genes selected for validation of expression by quantitative RT-PCR and their putative functions

From: Molecular interactions between the olive and the fruit fly Bactrocera oleae

Gene name ID Acc. Number Best similarity [Species]; acc. number e-value Gene Ontology terms
Aquaporin 148 JQ711526 Aquaporin PIP2 [Vitis vinifera]; ABN14353.1 3,60E-19 F: water channel activity
      P: response to abscissic acid stimulus
Beta-glucosidase C17 AAL93619.1 Beta-glucosidase [Olea europaea]; AAL93619.1 1,08E-56 F:hydrolase activity
      P:carbohydrate metabolic process
Catalase 119 ABS72010.1 Catalase [Olea europaea]; ABS72010.1 5.60E-23 F:catalase activity
      P:response to oxidative stress
Chitinase 2 JN696113 Extracellular chitinase, class I [Vitis vinifera]; XP_002269972.1 7,55E-25 F: chitinase activity
      P:defense response to fungus
Cinnamate 4 hydroxylase C32 JQ711532 Trans-cinnamate 4-hydroxylase [Populus tremuloides]; ABF69101.1 5,56E-39 F: trans-cinnamate 4-monooxygenase activity
      P:response to wounding
Disease resistance protein C4 JQ711509 Disease resistance response protein 206 [Zea mays]; NP_001149569.1 9,94E-09 P:defense response
Ethylene Responsive Trascription Factor 53 F JK784503 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor (ERF) [Olea europaea]; OLEEUCl001226:Contig3 1,00E-100 F: DNA binding
      P: ethylene mediated signaling pathway
GST 59-P JQ711516 Glutathione S-transferase [Hyoscyamus muticus]; P46423.1 2.87E-21 F: glutathione transferase activity
      P: defense reponse
Lipoxygenase 301-P EU513351 Lipoxygenase [Arabidopsis thaliana]; CAC19365.1 7.00E-13 F: lipoxygenase activity
      P: response to wounding
Metallothionein type 1 52-L JQ711520 Metallothionein-like protein [Pimpinella brachycarpa]; AAC62510.1 2,35E-10 F: copper ion binding
      P: cellular copper ion homeostasis
PRp27 C2 JN696114 NtPRp27 [Nicotiana tabacum]; BAA81904.1 1,07E-78 P:defense response
PR 10 C6 JQ711524 Trypsin chymotrypsin inhibitor [Lens culinaris]; CAR47883.1 1,10E-36 F: serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor
      P: defense response
Serine-carboxypeptidase-like protein C29 JQ711528 Serine carboxypeptidase [Ricinus communis]; EEF40335.1 1,22E-14 F: serine-type carboxypeptidase activity
      P: proteolysis
Superoxide dismutase 3-F JK784468 Cu/Zn super-oxide dismutase (Ole e 5 allergen) [Olea europaea]; AJ428575.2 2,09E-111 F: superoxide dismutase activity
      P: response to oxidative stress
Transducin 109-N JQ711533 Transducin family protein [Arabidopsis lyrata]; EFH62484.1 4,52E-22 F:nucleotide binding
Trypsin Protease Inhibitor II 99-N JQ429796 Proteinase inhibitor type-2 [Solanum lycopersicum]; CAA64416.1 1.14E-12 F: serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor
      P: defense response
Trypsin/chymotrypsin Inhibitor 93 JQ429797 Trypsin chymotrypsin inhibitor [Lens culinaris]; CAR47883.1 1,10E-36 F: serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor
      P: defense response
Ubiquitin-coniugating enzyme C13 JQ429798 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 [Ricinus communis]; XP_002523377.1 7,64E-46 F: ubiquitin-protein ligase activity
      P:response to iron ion
Unknown protein 1 51-F JQ711535    
Unknown protein 2 C12 JQ711536    
  1. The GO term associations for the gene product were retrieved and selected from the best blast matches at the AmiGO website ( F: molecular function. P: biological process.