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Table 1 Sequence similarity of the genes of interest (GOIs) isolated in the present study with their othologues

From: Co-ordinate regulation of cytokinin gene family members during flag leaf and reproductive development in wheat

GOI in this study Orthologues in closely related species Similarity (%)
Gene name Accession No. Gene name Accession No.* Species Protein Nucleotide
TaIPT2 JN128577 ZmIPT2 ABY78882 Zea mays 76.8 79.9
TaIPT3 JN128578 OsIPT8 AB239805 Oryza sativa 84.9 85.5
TaIPT5 JN128579 ZmIPT5 NP001121194 Zea mays 78.1 82.0
TaIPT6 JN128580 ZmIPT6 ABY78885 Zea mays 80.4 83.9
TaIPT7 JN128581 ZmIPT7 ABY78886 Zea mays 79.8 82.0
TaIPT8 JN128582 ZmIPT8 ABY78887 Zea mays 80.4 82.8
TaCKX1 JN128583 ZmCKX1 NP001105591 Zea mays 75.1 84.4
TaCKX2 JN128584 ZmCKX5 NP001185958 Zea mays 68.0 78.0
TaCKX3 JN128585 ZmCKX10 NP001146838 Zea mays 79.2 84.9
TaCKX4 JN128586 OsCKX4 NP001045353 Oryza sativa 88.9 76.1
TaCKX6 JN128587 OsCKX3 NP001064886.1 Oryza sativa 88.3 76.1
TaCKX7 JN128588 OsCKX6 Q6YW51 Oryza sativa 72.7 75.6
TaCKX8 JN128589 ZmCKX8 NP001185809 Zea mays 73.5 76.3
TaCKX9 JN128590 OsCKX10 Q5Z620 Oryza sativa 72.9 71.9
TaCKX10 JN128591 OsCKX9 Q75K78 Oryza sativa 86.9 72.4
TaCKX11 JN128592 OsCKX8 A2XVN3 Oryza sativa 81.5 74.6
TacZOG1 JN128593 ZmcZOG1 NP001105017 Zea mays 75.5 82.0
TacZOG2-1 JN128594 ZmcZOG2 Q8RXA5 Zea mays 75.4 82.6
TacZOG2-2 JN128595 ZmcZOG2 Q8RXA5 Zea mays 75.2 80.3
TaZOG1 JN128596 ZmZOG3 NO001148195 Zea mays 74.9 82.2
TaZOG2 JN128597 ZmcZOG2 NP001148091 Zea mays 64.1 75.6
TaZOG3 JN128598 ZmZOG3 NO001148195 Zea mays 72.3 80.7
TaGLU1-1 JN128599 ZmGLU2 ACG24271 Zea mays 67.9 73.3
TaGLU1-2 JN128600 ZmGLU2 ACG24271 Zea mays 67.3 73.1
TaGLU1-3 JN128601 ZmGLU2 ACG24271 Zea mays 68.0 74.1
TaGLU2 JN128602 ZmGLU1 NM001111984 Zea mays 95.2 94.9
TaGLU3 JN128603 OsGLU25 Q0DA21 Oryza sativa 85.8 NV
TaGLU4 JN128604 HvGLU ACF07988 Hordeum vulgare 94.8 93.6
TaRR1 JN128605 OsRR1 CAI79405 Oryza sativa 73.7 79.7
TaRR4 JN128606 OsRR4 NP001045420 Oryza sativa 90.0 84.9
TaRR5 JN128607 OsRR4 NP001053348 Oryza sativa 95.0 89.4
TaRR9 JN128608 OsRR9 NP001065722 Oryza sativa 82.4 82.6
  1. * If accessions numbers are different for protein and nucleotide sequences of the same gene, those for protein sequences are listed. NV, corresponding sequence not available.