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Table 2 Effect of gamma-TMT-F1/F2/R24 on seed gamma-tocopherol content

From: Genetic basis of unstable expression of high gamma-tocopherol content in sunflower seeds

Seed generation No. individuals within each marker class Mean ± SD for gamma-tocopherol content (% total tocopherols)within each marker class ANOVA analysis
  A H B A(IAST-1) H B(nmsT2100) F P
F2 32 73 27 52.3a ± 29.6 72.2b ± 19.1 98.9c ± 0.8 38.6 <0.001
F3 26 58 3 86.8a ± 11.8 96.9b ± 2.6 98.6b ± 0.9 20.4 <0.001
  1. Mean values within rows followed by the same letter are not significantly different at 0.05 level of probability (Duncan’s multiple range test).
  2. Association between the gamma-TMT-F1/F2/R24 locus on LG 8 and gamma-tocopherol content (% of the total tocopherols) determined by variance analysis in the nmsT2100 x IAST-1 population. Mean gamma-tocopherol ± standard deviation (SD) are presented in different genotypic classes: A = homozygous with respect to the allele derived from IAST-1, B = homozygous with respect to the allele derived from nmsT2100, H = heterozygous.