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Figure 6

From: Genetic basis of unstable expression of high gamma-tocopherol content in sunflower seeds

Figure 6

Sequence alignment tree for gamma-TMT loci. Sequence alignment tree obtained by aligning DNA genomic sequences from the different loci amplified with primer combination gamma-TMT F9/R24 and constructed using the AlignX program in the Vector NTI software suite. Calculated distance based on distances between all pairs of sequence values are shown in parenthesis following the molecule name. The locus a fragment isolated from nmsT2100 and IAST-1, the locus b isolated from nmsT2100, the locus c isolated from IAST-1, and the locus d isolated from HA-89 and IAST-540, together with the F9 to R24 region from gamma-TMT haplotypes 1 (DQ DQ229828), 2 (DQ DQ229829), 3 (DQ DQ229830), 4 (DQ DQ229831 and DQ DQ229832), and 5 (DQ DQ229833 and DQ DQ229834) are included.

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