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Figure 4

From: Genetic basis of unstable expression of high gamma-tocopherol content in sunflower seeds

Figure 4

Amplification profile of gamma-TMT_F9/R24 INDEL marker. Amplification profile of gamma-TMT_F9/R24 INDEL marker in single samples of the high gamma-tocopherol IAST-1, nmsT2100, IAST-540 lines and the standard gamma-tocopherol IAST-413, HA-89 and CAS-12 lines. Lane 1, IAST-413; lane 2, HA-89; lane 3, 50 bp DNA ladder; lane 4, IAST-1; lane 5, nmsT2100; lane 6, IAST-540 and lane 7, CAS-12. Polymorphic loci are highlighted by boxes, and the linkage group and the population in which they have been mapped are shown at the right of the figure.

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