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Figure 3 | BMC Plant Biology

Figure 3

From: A novel mesh processing based technique for 3D plant analysis

Figure 3

Temporal analysis pipeline.The full temporal analysis involves repeating the same pair-wise matching pipeline throughout all the time points. The pair-wise matching (horizontal axis) is constituted of two steps:(1) a plant alignment, that takes as inputs the segmented plant meshes for the time-pointsT x andTx + 1(see(a)) and rigidly aligns the mesh from time-pointT x with the mesh from time-pointTx + 1(see resulting mesh T x in blue on (b)), and (2) a plant parts matching that matches the different plant organs using the aligned meshes (see example of matched leaves on (c)). The full temporal matching (vertical axis) consists of repeating this pair-wise matching throughout all the time-points in order to obtain the mapping of the different organs of the plant over-time.

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