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Table 1 First and second-degree statistics for flowering time (FT) and northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) resistance of the 1487 phenotyped and genotyped inbred lines

From: Genome-wide association mapping of flowering time and northern corn leaf blight (Setosphaeria turcica) resistance in a vast commercial maize germplasm set

Parameter FT NCLB
mean(M i ) 55.2 4.8
range(M i ) 34.0−73.5 0.5−10.0
σ G 2 42.34 3.24
σ G . E 2 2.21 0.63
h 2 0.95 0.87
  1. FT is measured in number of days to female flowering after June 1.
  2. NCLB is rated from 1-9 (sensitive-resistant).
  3. M i is the adjusted entry mean of genotype i calculated across all environments.
  4. σ G 2 and σ G . E 2 are the genotypic and genotype × environment interaction variances.
  5. h2 is the heritability on entry an mean basis.