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Table 1 Single dispersed copies of SAT5 repeats

From: Atypical DNA methylation of genes encoding cysteine-rich peptides in Arabidopsis thaliana

Chromosome Sequence context Genome coordinates Length (bp) CRPgene embedded(AGI number)
2 intergenic 7845025-7844080 946 At2g18042 pseudogene
3 transposon-rich 14681750-14683927 2178 At3g42565 gene
4 transposon and gene 6038150-6037139 1012 At4g09545 gene
5 intergenic 24543172-24542491 682 At5g60978 pseudogene
  1. Four single dispersed copies of the SAT5 repeat are detected in a BLAST search using the 2196 bp SAT5 consensus sequence [25] as a query sequence. One nearly full-length copy is in a transposon-rich region close to the centromere of chromosome 3. Two truncated copies, which correspond to those detected in the MSAP analysis, are present in relatively gene-rich regions on chromosomes 2 and 5, respectively. A third truncated copy is present in a region containing both genes and transposons on chromosome 4. The AGI numbers of the embedded CRP genes or pseudogenes are shown.