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Table 2 Partitioning of variance within and among apricot groups and regions (average over 25 loci)

From: Loss of genetic diversity as a signature of apricot domestication and diffusion into the Mediterranean Basin

Source of variation df Sum of squares Variance components Percentage of variation
Among regions 2 311.75 1.353 7*
Among groups/regions 8 488.82 2.606 14*
Within groups 196 2840.47 14.492 79*
Total 206 3641.04 18.451  
  1. The group level considered the eleven apricot geographic groups and the region level encompassed the three main geographic regions: A (Iran and Turkey), B (Continental Europe, southern France and southern Italy), and C (Murcia, northern Tunisia, Moulouya Valley, Messaad, Oases of Tunisia and Draa Valley).
  2. df degrees of freedom.
  3. * P < 0.001 based on 999 permutations.