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Figure 6

From: Phenotypic plasticity, QTL mapping and genomic characterization of bud set in black poplar

Figure 6

High-resolution scoring system for bud set process in Populus nigra. date3: more than 2 rolled-up leaves; date2.5: last leaves at the same height, last leaves still rolled-up; date2: last leaves at the same height, last leaf (partially) rolled-up, other leaves fully stretched; date1.5: bud scales first visible, color of second last leaf comparable to older leaves, last leaf partially rolled; date1: bud well visible, bud scales predominantly green, all leaves are stretched; date0.5: bud scales green to red, stipules of last leaves subtending the bud are green; date0: apical bud red-brown. Duration of bud set stages (duration2.5 to duration1), duration of bud formation (subproc1) and bud maturation (subproc2) were indirectly estimated. Pictures were taken from individuals of the P. nigra mapping pedigree during phenological sampling. The scoring system for bud set process was adapted and modified from Rohde et al. [9].

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