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Figure 9

From: Combinatorial analysis of lupulin gland transcription factors from R2R3Myb, bHLH and WDR families indicates a complex regulation of chs_H1 genes essential for prenylflavonoid biosynthesis in hop (Humulus LupulusL.)

Figure 9

An example of anthocyanin pathway activation in Petunia hybrida leaves after infiltration with different TF combinations. The vector pLV-67 (see: Figure 6B, III) was infiltrated either in combination with s-HlMyb3 and HlbHLH2 (s-M3B2) or AtPAP1 and HlbHLH2 (PAP1B2), mixed in equal amounts. The yellowish spots in the s-M3B2 variant and the anthocyanin spots in the PAP1B2 leaves developed ca. three days post-infiltration. The sites of infiltration are indicated by arrows.

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