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Figure 4

From: Combinatorial analysis of lupulin gland transcription factors from R2R3Myb, bHLH and WDR families indicates a complex regulation of chs_H1 genes essential for prenylflavonoid biosynthesis in hop (Humulus LupulusL.)

Figure 4

Southern blot analysis of 5 μg genomic DNA isolated from the hop cv. Osvald's clone 72. The blot was hybridized with a 32P-labeled cDNA fragment. (A) HlWDR1 gene: BamHI (Ba) and XbaI (Xb) do not cut within the HlWD40 gene, EcoRI (E) has one restriction site 146 bp from the 5'end of the cDNA. (B) HlbHLH2 gene: EcoRI (E), XhoI (Xh) and PstI (P) do not cut within the HlbHLH2 gene. (C) HlMyb2 gene: XbaI (Xb) does not cut in the HlMyb2 gene, BglII (Bg) and XhoI (Xh) have one restriction size, but only 69 resp. 43 bp from the 3'end of the cDNA. The arrows show the position of the restriction fragment hybridizing with the cDNA probe fragment. The estimated size is indicated in kilobases (kb).

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