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Figure 3

From: Combinatorial analysis of lupulin gland transcription factors from R2R3Myb, bHLH and WDR families indicates a complex regulation of chs_H1 genes essential for prenylflavonoid biosynthesis in hop (Humulus LupulusL.)

Figure 3

Phylogenetic analysis for amino acid sequences of selected plant WDR TFs (A) and comparison with the predicted Hl WDR1 sequence (B). Twenty five selected entries of plant WDR TFs (for the data set see additional file 4) were analyzed using PhyML v. 3.0 and the trees were visualized using FigTree v.1.3.1. (see Methods). The tree has been rooted using the single representative from Picea sitchensis. The lengths of the interrupted branches are expressed in aLTR values corresponding to the scale. The predicted HlWDR1 protein sequence is shown with differences indicated in comparison with AN11 protein from petunia with the differences indicated. Non-equivalent amino acids to PhAN11 are designated by dots, gaps are designated by hyphens and amino acid insertions are boxed. WD repeats identified by analogy to PhAN11 [49] are underlined.

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