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Table 3 Category of 19 genes with different expression levels detected by qPCR in waxy rice ( GM077 ) and wild type (BP034)

From: Molecular insights into how a deficiency of amylose affects carbon allocation – carbohydrate and oil analyses and gene expression profiling in the seeds of a rice waxy mutant

Gene expression level (waxy/wt, or GM077/BP034) Gene name GenBank Accession No.
Significantly decreased (P < 0.01) GBSSI X62134
No change (P > 0.05) BEIIa AB023498
  SUS1 OsJNBa0090P23.3
  SUS2 NM_001063582.1
  SUS3 L03366.1
  SUS6 OJ1149_C12-2
  UBQ5 AK061988
  eEF-1α AK061464
Increased (P < 0.05) GBSSII AY069940
  SSI D16202
  BEIIb D16201
  SUS4 NM_001056599.1
  UGP1 DQ395328.1
Significantly increased (P < 0.01) AGPS AK103906
  BEI D11082
  ISA1 AB015615
  SUSIBA2-like AK121838
Not detected UGP2 AF249880.1
  SUS5/7 OsJNBa0033H08.16/ OsJNBb0026I12.4