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Figure 4

From: A role for BELLRINGER in cell wall development is supported by loss-of-function phenotypes

Figure 4

Phenotypes of 35S::BLR-GR Plants. (A) Plants expressing BLR-GR did not generate post-embryonic structures when germinated on plates containing Dex. (D-H) Plants treated with dex, 3 days post-germination. BLR-GRi (D, F) did not initiate new lateral organs but developed a bulbous structure (arrow in F) at the apex, whereas dex treated wild type (E) and untreated BLR-GR (B) or wild type (C) developed normally. Longitudinal sections through apices (G-H) shows that in wild type plants at 3 weeks-old, the programme of inflorescence development had initiated (G), but induced 35S::BLR::GR plants lateral organ initiation had ceased (H), Scales are 100 μm.

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