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Figure 3

From: A role for BELLRINGER in cell wall development is supported by loss-of-function phenotypes

Figure 3

Cell size defects of BLR-OX seedlings. (A) Average hypocotyl length of 7 day-old wild type and BLR-OX1 lines (n = 14). (B) Mean epidermal cell size in hypocotyls of 7 day-old plants (n = 33). 7 day-old wild type (C) and BLR-OX (D) hypocotyl epidermis stained with propidium iodide. 200 μM2 cross-section from 42 day-old wild type (E) and BLR-OX1 (F) stems showing parenchyma cells. (G) Mean epidermal cell size of 42 day-old plants (n = 41). 100 μM row of epidermal cells from 42 day-old wild type (H) and BLR-OX (I) stems. Error bars show standard error. Scales are 50 μm (E-F), or 10 μm (H-I).

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