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Figure 1

From: A role for BELLRINGER in cell wall development is supported by loss-of-function phenotypes

Figure 1

Phenotype of BLR-OX lines. 7 day-old (top panel) and 21 day-old (lower panel) wild type (A), transformed control (B), BLR-OX1 (C) and BLR-OX2 (D). (E) Dissected rosette leaves of 4 week-old WT, BLR-OX1 and BLR-OX2 plants. (F) WT and BLR-OX1 hypocotyls at 2 weeks-old. (G-I) Comparison of 5 week-old BLR-OX1, BLR-OX2 and control plant inflorescence stems (G), mature siliques (H) and stature (I).

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