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Table 1 Verification of microarray results using RT-qPCR

From: Expression of geminiviral AC2 RNA silencing suppressor changes sugar and jasmonate responsive gene expression in transgenic tobacco plants

   Microarray RT-qPCR  
EST/mRNA Description Fold Fold s.e
Leaf (up-regulated transcripts     
EH615198 Nicotiana tabacum, nictaba (NT1) mRNA Jasmonic acid methyl ester and ethylene-induced mRNA 27.7 22.3 4.9
EB438380 Solanum lycopersicum, Trypsin and protease inhibitor, mRNA 13.7 10.1 2.9
FG156808 Nicotiana tabacum, 1-D-deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate synthase (DXS) mRNA 3.0 2.7 0.8
Leaf (down-regulated transcript)
AY741503 Actin binding protein 1L; ABIL-1L 0.6 0.2 0.11
Leaf (non-regulated transcripts)
X67159 Nicotiana tabacum pectate lyase mRNA 0.97 0.9 0.04
Flower (up-regulated transcripts)
EB683763 Nicotiana tabacum EIG-29C mRNA 2.95 2.95 0.8
EB438380 Solanum lycopersicum Trypsin and protease inhibitor, mRNA 2.55 2.55 0.67
Flower (down-regulated transcripts)
X65700 Nicotiana tabacum osmotin, AP-24 mRNA 0.2 0.2 0.5
Flower (non-regulated transcripts)
NP917355 Nicotiana tabacum mRNA for ERF1 1.51 1.51 0.28
  1. Some clearly up- or down-regulated genes of leaf and flower samples were tested. Statistical significance was tested using Student’s t-test (p <0.05).Fold change is indicated as a ratio of AC2/WT calculated from normalized median intensity values (n=3). Standard error of mean (s.e.) is also calculated for RT-qPCR values.