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Table 3 Macrocolinearity between H. chilense and H. vulgare for the candidate genes selected

From: Hordeum chilense genome, a useful tool to investigate the endosperm yellow pigment content in the Triticeae

Gene Identifier1 Rice LOC2 Rice RAP3 Sorghum 3 Brachypodium 3 H. vulgare 4 H. chilense 5
       Chr cM Chr cM
Ggpps1 POG_ORTHOMCL5142 LOC_Os07g39270 Os07g0580900 Sb02g037510 Bradi1g23510 2 59.21 2HchC 105.35
Zds POG_ORTHOMCL7646 LOC_Os07g10490 Os07g0204900 Sb02g006100 Bradi1g54390 nd nd 2HchC 107.36
Hyd3 POG_ORTHOMCL15690 LOC_Os04g48880 Os04g0578400 Sb06g026190 Bradi5g19130 2 90.1 2HchL 142.38
Ppo1 POG_ORTHOMCL2213 LOC_Os04g53300 Os04g0624650 Sb06g025570/ Sb06g025580 Bradi5g22300 2 117.9 2HchL 161.56
e-Lcy POG_ORTHOMCL17555 LOC_Os01g39960 Os01g0581300 Sb03g026020 Bradi2g41890 3 55.57 3HchC-L 100.47
Dxr POG_ORTHOMCL8746 LOC_Os01g01710 Os01g0106900 Sb03g008650 Bradi2g00650 3 0 3HchS 7.45
Pds POG_ORTHOMCL8451 LOC_Os03g08570 Os03g0184000 Sb06g030030 Bradi1g72400 4 89.39 4HchL 83.39
Hdr POG_ORTHOMCL5875 LOC_Os03g52170 Os03g0731850 Sb01g009140 Bradi1g09710 4 38.63 4HchS 47.49
Psy3 POG_ORTHOMCL18373 LOC_Os09g38320 Os09g0555500 Sb02g032370 Bradi4g37520 5 122.38 5HchL 133.75
Ccd1 POG_ORTHOMCL13689 LOC_Os12g44310 Os012g0640600 Sb01g047540 Bradi4g00330 5 0.0 5HchS 0.0
Psy2 POG_ORTHOMCL13713 LOC_Os12g43130 Os12g0626400 Sb09g022310 Bradi4g01100 5 26.28 5HchS 39.06
b-Lcy POG_ORTHOMCL11455 LOC_Os02g09750 Os02g0190600 Sb04g006120 Bradi3g06600 6 54.6 6HchL 111.21
Psy1 POG_ORTHOMCL6706 LOC_Os06g51290 Os06g0729000 Sb10g031020 Bradi1g29590 7 166.56 7Hchα 8.93
  1. (1) Poaceae orthologous group corresponding to each candidate gene; (2) MSU rice database identifiers of rice genes used as query to identify the Poaceae orthologous group; (3) Rice, Sorghum and Brachypodium genes included in each Poaceae orthologous group. For nomenclature of rice genes (LOC vs RAP) see (; (4) Position of the candidate genes in barley according to the Barley Genome Zipper. (5) Position of the candidate genes in H. chilense map. Genes in bold are shown in the Barley Genome Zipper [56]; nd: not determined.