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Table 1 Genotype and phenotype of different lines developed and used in this study

From: Expression of flavonoid 3’-hydroxylase is controlled by P1, the regulator of 3-deoxyflavonoid biosynthesis in maize

Genotype Phenotype
  Aleurone Pericarp Cob-glumes
Pr1/Pr1; P1-rr/P1-rr Purple Red Dark red
pr1/pr1; P1-rr/P1-rr Red Red Light red
Pr1/Pr1; P1-wr/P1-wr Purple Colorless Dark red
pr1/pr1; P1-wr/P1-wr Red Colorless Light red
Pr1/Pr1; p1-ww/p1-ww Purple Colorless Colorless
pr1/pr1; p1-ww/p1-ww Red Colorless Colorless
Pr1/Pr1; p-del2/p-del2 Purple Colorless Colorless
pr1/pr1; p-del2/p-del2 Red Colorless Colorless