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Figure 4

From: A Hypomethylated population of Brassica rapa for forward and reverse Epi-genetics

Figure 4

Effect of 5-Azac on epigenetic instability . Principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) based on the Euclidean analysis of methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (MSAP) assays using primer combinations H2/E1 and H3/E3. Plant lines are colour coded as shown in key, with square symbols (HpaII) and circles (MspI). a) Main graphic, PCoA showing mean epigenetic distances for each of the groups; b) Nested graphic, epigenetic distances for all the samples in lines BraRoAZ_12447e2 and BraRoAZ_12845s2. Euclidian space within circles represent intra-population variation (i.e. SSWP) for control line BraRoAZ_12845s2 using HpaII (dashed) and MspI (dotted). Arrow indicates the epigenetic distance between BraRoAZ_12845e2 samples restricted with HpaII or MspI (PhiPT).

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