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Figure 2

From: A Hypomethylated population of Brassica rapa for forward and reverse Epi-genetics

Figure 2

An overview of the 5-AzaC-treated population BraRoAZ. A total of 500 E1 plants was raised from (E0) seeds treated with 0.25mM or 0.30mM 5-AzaC. From each of 473 E1 plants, seed were harvested from three siliques and assigned independent accessions. Seed were harvested from the remaining siliques and combined. 10 seeds (sib-lines) were sown from each of a subset of 100 E1 plants, selected based on morphological features such as plant stature, branching and floral morphology. From these E2 plants, 114 were randomly selected to obtain E3 seed. Single siliques were harvested from each plant, and the remaining seed were combined.

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