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Table 3 Expressed hAT-like genes in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa

From: The SLEEPERgenes: a transposase-derived angiosperm-specific gene family

Arabidopsis thaliana Introns in CDS Oryza sativa Introns in CDS
AT1G80020.1 1* LOC_Os04g53660.1 1
AT3G14800.1 2 LOC_Os03g60730.1 1
AT4G13120.1 2 LOC_Os01g50340.1 1
   LOC_Os07g43120.1 3
  1. hAT-like genes, closely related to SLEEPERs contain at least one intron in their coding sequence. Most genes also possess 2 introns in their UTR’s, which were not included in this table. ”*” Indicates an EST showing the presence of an intron, but without a predictive gene model in the TAIR genome browser.