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Figure 3

From: Requirement of proline synthesis during Arabidopsis reproductive development

Figure 3

Embryo abortion in p5cr mutants. A: Graphic representation of the exon-intron structure of the P5CR gene and the T-DNA orientations and insertion sites in the p5cr-1 and p5cr-2 mutant lines. B-D: Differential interference contrast images of cleared immature seeds. B: Normal embryo at late globular stage. C: Presumably homozygous p5cr mutant seed from the same silique at the same magnification, scale bar = 50 μm. D: p5cr mutant embryo at the two cell stage at higher magnification, scale bar = 10 μm. E: Heredity diagram for self-fertilisation of a heterozygous p5cr mutant plant; capital letters indicate wildtype P5CR alleles; minor letters indicate p5cr mutant alleles.

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