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Figure 5

From: A stress inducible SUMO conjugating enzyme gene (SaSce9) from a grass halophyte Spartina alterniflora enhances salinity and drought stress tolerance in Arabidopsis

Figure 5

SaSce9 overexpressing Arabidopsis plants enhanced drought tolerance. (a) Four week-old WT and SaSce9 transgenic plants after withholding irrigation for 15 days. (b) Percent electrolyte leakage; (c) Chlorophyll content; and (d) Proline content from the rosette leaves of WT and SaSce9 plants after 7 days of drought. Vertical bar represents mean, and error bar represent standard error of means based on three independent experiments. Comparison was made between wild type and individual transgenic lines under control condition or drought stress by paired t-test. ** indicates significant differences in comparison with the control at P < 0.01. WT represents wild type Arabidopsis, T16-3 and T17-2 represent two independent SaSce9 transgenic lines. FW=Fresh weight of rosette leaves.

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