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Figure 5

From: Grape berry ripening delay induced by a pre-véraison NAA treatment is paralleled by a shift in the expression pattern of auxin- and ethylene-related genes

Figure 5

Expression pattern, evaluated by qPCR, of genes involved in ethylene and ABA biosynthesis and signal transduction. Expression pattern, evaluated by qPCR, of the following ethylene- and ABA-related genes: ACS6 (Vv_10001614), ACO2 (Vv_10004370), EIN4-like (Vv_10010357), ERS1-like (Vv_10007917), ERF3-like (Vv_10001775), ERF-AP2-like (Vv_10000332), ERF5-1 (Vv_10001287), NCED3 (Vv_10009127), ABI3 (Vv_10001065). Transcript levels in NAA-treated (square) and control (circle) berries are shown as means of normalized expression ±SE.

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