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Table 2 Cis-elements enriched in promoters of RGL2-down-regulated genes

From: Insights into the molecular mechanism of RGL2-mediated inhibition of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana

Consensus sequence Putative of cis-element1 Associated type of transcription factor %2 TIC3 e-value
TCCAAAAA AT-hook/PE1 element-like / L-box/UV-B responsive element-like PF1 38 14.52 2e-005
GTTTTTTTT GARE-like / AT-hook/PE1 element-like GAMYB / PF1 34 18.00 0e+000
TATAACAA MYB box-like / GARE-like GAMYB 33 14.51 0e+000
TTTATTTTA Box III-like GT-1 32 17.13 2e-005
AAATTTCA GT element-like GT-1 30 15.01 0e+000
TTTCTTTG TCA-1 (tobacco nuclear protein 1) binding site / T-box-like TCA-1 23 16.00 2e-005
AGAAAGTG phyA-induced motifs / Sucrose Responsive Element (SURE)-like   23 15.00 0e+000
AATTATTTA TATA-box TBP 21 16.58 2e-005
ATTATGAA JASE1/JASE2-like AP2/ERF (jasmonate inducible) 20 15.00 2e-005
  1. 1Homology with motifs identified in Arabidopsis and other plant species (TRANSFAC, PLACE and AGRIS databases).
  2. 2Percent occurrence in critical promoters relative to background sequences.
  3. 3Total Information Content.
  4. Promoter motifs identified in promoters of RGL2-DOWN, with consensus sequence, name and associated transcription factors.