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Figure 6

From: Insights into the molecular mechanism of RGL2-mediated inhibition of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 6

Relative expression levels of ATHB2 , ATHB5 and At2g45210 are high in seeds. Relative expression levels of the RGL2 target genes ATHB2, ATHB5 and At2g45210 in various tissues of wild type plants as determined by qRT-PCR, relative to Tubulin (TUB), compared to the expression in rosette leaves (A). All three genes appear to be highly expressed in seed tissues, suggesting a role in the regulation of seed/embryo development or maturation. In addition, At2g454210 is highly expressed in flowers, suggesting additional functions in flower development. (B-D) Expression levels of ATHB2, ATHB5 and At2g45210 in dry seeds of respective T-DNA insertion lines. RQ = relative quantity of transcripts.

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