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Figure 5

From: Insights into the molecular mechanism of RGL2-mediated inhibition of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 5

RGL2-GR directly binds to the promoters of various genes. (A) Western Blot using anti-GR antibody on samples at various stages of the protein-chromatin isolation; IN, input, PB, post binding, E, eluted chromatin/protein complex. (B) Relative expression of putative RGL2-/DELLA-target genes in flower buds of ga1-3 rga-t2 rgl2-1 35S::RGL2-GR 4h after DEX-treatment, relative to Tubulin (TUB). Asterisks indicate a significant difference in expression levels compared to the control (p<0.05). (C) ChIP-qRT-PCR analysis of selected target gene promoters. Promoter regions from +1,000 to +1 relative to the transcription start site are depicted, and the position of fragments amplified by qRT-PCR is given as black bars on top. Graphs indicate the relative enrichment of these fragments over ACTIN2 (ACT2) in chromatin isolated from ga1-3 rga-t2 rgl2-1 35S::RGL2-GR, 3h after Dex-treatment, compared to chromatin from Mock-treated flower buds. Data were obtained from biological triplicates. RQ = relative quantity.

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