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Figure 4

From: Insights into the molecular mechanism of RGL2-mediated inhibition of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 4

RGL2 tagged with GR is biologically functional. Flower development and seed germination phenotype of ga1-3 rga-t2 rgl2-1 35S::RGL2-GR without (A, E) and with (B, F) DEX-treatment. Without DEX-treatment, RGL2-GR fusion protein is held in the cytoplasm, thus unable to perform its function; the flower phenotype therefore resembles the triple mutant ga1-3 rga-t2 rgl2-1 (C), and seeds readily germinate upon imbibition (E, G). Upon DEX-treatment, RGL2-GR can enter the nucleus and regulate transcription; the flower phenotype is reverted to the double mutant ga1-3 rga-t2 phenotype with sterile flowers with stunted petals and stamens (D), and germination is significantly delayed and inhibited (F, G). Two sepals of one flower each have been removed in (B) and (D) to reveal the short petals and stamens. Germination was scored in three biological replicates. Error bars indicate SD. dai – days after imbibition.

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