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Figure 5

From: Analysis of T-DNA integration and generative segregation in transgenic winter triticale (x TriticosecaleWittmack)

Figure 5

Localization of GFP accumulation using confocal laser scanning microscopy. Chlorenchyma cells and stomatal cells in the lower leaf epidermis of (A) non-transformed and (E) transgenic plants. (B) Non-transformed and (F) transgenic root tip. Transverse section through a mature (C) non-transformed and (G) transformed caryopsis, the latter showing a low level of GFP activity in the endosperm and a high level in the aleurone layer (arrow). Detail of a transverse section through a mature grain showing the nucellar projection in a (D) non-transformed and (H) transgenic plant. Very strong GFP activity was observed at the base and the lateral periphery of the nucellar projection. Chlorophyll or grain husk autofluorescence shown in red. Bars indicate 50 μm.

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