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Table 1 Type I MADS-box sequences used for alignments and phylogenetic tree construction

From: The study of two barley Type I-like MADS-boxgenes as potential targets of epigenetic regulation during seed development

Organism Gene name Accession number Type I
    Cereal type-I-like
Hordeum vulgare HvOS2 HM130526.1 TC178280  
Triticum aestivum TaAGL33 ABF57950.1 Q1G159  
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi2g59190 Bradi2g59190  
Hordeum vulgare HvOS1 HM130525.1 BG365393  
Triticum aestivum TaAGL42 ABF57942.1 Q1G167  
Brachypodium distachyon Bradi2g59120 Bradi2g59120  
Zea mays ZmB4FML1 NP_001140218.1  
Orysa sativa OsMADS65 Os01g0922800 Q9XJ61  
Arabidopsis thaliana AtAGL62 NP_200852.1 Q9FKK2  
Arabidopsis thaliana AtAGL61 NP_850058.1 A5AZX6  
Arabidopsis thaliana AtAGL23 NP_176715.1  
Arabidopsis thaliana AtAGL28 NP_171660.1  
Poplar trichocarpa AGL62-like XP_002313197.1 B9HN34  
Vitis vinifera AGL62-like A5AZX6  
Ricinus communis AGL62-like B9S7W9  
Orysa sativa OsMADS71 Os06g22760.1  
Orysa sativa OsMADS78 Os09g02830.1  
Orysa sativa OsMADS79 Os01g74440.1  
Arabidopsis thaliana AtAGL47 NP_200380.1  
Arabidopsis thaliana AtAGL82 NP_200697.1 Q9FIM0  
Poplar trichocarpa PtMADS-I-like XP_002301840  
Orysa sativa OsMADS90 Os07g04170  
Orysa sativa OsMADS91 Os01g11510.1  
Orysa sativa OsMADS96 OsO1g67890  
Arabidopsis thaliana PHE1 AGL37 NP_176712.1 O80805  
Arabidopsis thaliana PHE2 AGL38 NP_176709.2 Q7XJK8  
Arabidopsis thaliana AGL80 NP_199678.1 Q9FJK3  
Orysa sativa indica OsAGL80-like EAY73584.1 Q75IC5  
Orysa sativa japonica OsjAGL35-related BAD81343.1  
Orysa sativa OsMADS82 Os04g24800  
Orysa sativa OsMADS83 Os04g24810  
Orysa sativa OsMADS85 Os04g25920  
Poplar trichocarpa PtAGL80-like XP_002329991.1 B9I7J4  
Petunia hybrid PhAGL80-like B6DT62  
Ricinus communis RcAGL80-like B9S273  
Vitis vinifera VvAGL80-like A5BJU9