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Table 1 Distribution of BAC clones in physical map contigs and positions of positive markers

From: Intraspecific sequence comparisons reveal similar rates of non-collinear gene insertion in the B and D genomes of bread wheat

Clone name Original contig Matching EST
Scaffold A (ctg447)     
TaaCsp3DShA_0045N17 ctg447    
TaaCsp3DShA_0065O14 ctg447    
TaaCsp3DShA_0008G17 ctg447 BE412128   
TaaCsp3DShA_0023I21 ctg447    
TaaCsp3DShA_0072N17 ctg447    
TaaCsp3DShA_0082H07 ctg626    
TaaCsp3DShA_0072H10 ctg626 BE606515   
TaaCsp3DShA_0037C23 ctg626 BE606515   
TaaCsp3DShA_0031N24 ctg1091 BE499148   
TaaCsp3DShA_0009G11 ctg1091 BE499148 BE427255  
TaaCsp3DShA_0004D04 ctg1091   BE427255  
TaaCsp3DShA_0087O11 ctg801 BJ303565 TC57899 TC57902
TaaCsp3DShA_0058C08 ctg432 BJ303565 TC57899 TC57902
TaaCsp3DShA_0024N06 ctg432    
TaaCsp3DShA_0011A13 ctg432 BF484268 BE398286  
TaaCsp3DShA_0055O10 ctg456 BF484268 TC268917  
TaaCsp3DShA_0015G21 ctg456    
TaaCsp3DShA_0036F12 ctg456    
Scaffold B (ctg1484)     
TaaCsp3DShA_0052A05 ctg1484 BJ227880   
TaaCsp3DShA_0054D16 ctg2749    
TaaCsp3DShA_0053N07 ctg2749 BJ227880 BJ222861  
TaaCsp3DShA_0089C07 ctg2749    
TaaCsp3DShA_0090J06 ctg2749    
TaaCsp3DShA_61C24 ctg801