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Table 3 Predicted subcellular localization of HATs from rice

From: Histone acetyltransferases in rice (Oryza sativaL.): phylogenetic analysis, subcellular localization and expression

Protein SLP-Local a (RI) b TargetP a (RC) c WoLF PSORT d PSORTII (NLS score) e NetNES: position-residue f
OsHAC701 nucl or cyto(1) mito(3) nucl(13.5), cyto_nucl(7.5) 531aa, pat4; 419aa, pat7; (0.18) 1210-L, 1215-F
OsHAC703 nucl or cyto(1) nucl or cyto(4) nucl(14.0) 756, 1588aa, pat7; (0.22) 82-L, 83-A, 84-K, 85-R, 86-L, 87-E, 88-E, 89-I
OsHAC704 nucl or cyto(2) nucl or cyto(3) nucl(10.0), pero(2.0), mito(1.0) 71, 744aa, pat4; 741, 1585aa, pat7; (0.55) 51-I
OsHAF701 nucl or cyto(6) nucl or cyto(1) nucl(9.0), cyto(4.0) 259, 1069, 1266, 1523, 1641-1643aa, pat4; 251, 729, 1523, 1550, 1685, 1686aa, pat7; 1551, 1628aa, bipartite; (4.69) 1782-L, 1783-A, 1784-D, 1785-E, 1786-L, 1787-L, 1788-E, 1789-L
OsHAG702 Chlo(1) chlo(4) nucl(12.0), chlo(1.0) 22,23aa, pat4 NLS; (0.03) 323-L
OsHAG703 nucl or cyto(1) nucl or cyto(5) cyto(10.0), chlo(2.0), nucl(1.0) 17-19aa, pat4; 17aa, part7; (0.77) 414-L, 416-R, 417-M, 419-D, 422-L
OsHAG704 nucl or cyto(1) nucl or cyto(4) nucl(3.5), E.R.(3.0), cysk_nucl(2.5), chlo(2.0), plas(2.0), cyto(1.0), mito(1.0) 14-16aa, pat4; 14aa, pat7; (0.84) 183-L
OsHAM701 Chlo(1) nucl or cyto(5) nucl(6.0), cyto(4.0), plas(2.0), chlo(1.0) 374aa, pat4 NLS; (−0.29) 405-L
  1. a: Subcellular locations predicted by SLP-Local and TargetP are chloroplast, mitochondria, secretory pathway, and other locations (nucleus or cytosol) for eukaryotic proteins.
  2. b RI: Reliability index ranges from 1 to 10. As the value of RI increases, the reliability of the SLP-Local prediction increases. chlo: chloroplast, the sequence contains a chloroplast transit peptide. nucl or cyto: any other location (nucleus or cytosol).
  3. c RC: Reliability class from 1 to 5. The lower the RC value is, the safer the prediction.
  4. d The numbers in parentheses indicate the prior probability that such protein localized to a given site is equal to the proportion of proteins in the data set [65]. Abbreviations and the number of proteins of the localization site in the data set: nucl: nucleus (456); chlo: chloroplast (750); cyto: cytosol (432); E.R.: endoplasmic reticulum (69); cysk_nucl: cytoskeleton and nucleus (0); plas: plasma membrane (165); mito: mitochondria (210); cyto_nucl: cytosol and nucleus (11); pero: peroxisomes (52). Last updated date: 2007/08/15.
  5. e Numbers reflect amino acid residues that showed nuclear localization signals (NLS). Three types of NLS (pat4, pat7, and bipartite) were detected in OsHATs. A positive NLS score indicates a higher probability of nuclear localization, and a negative NLS score indicates a higher probability for cytosolic localization.
  6. f The amino acid position and residue exhibiting predicted nuclear export signal (NES).