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Table 4 List of putative soybean proteins interacting with RPM1 genes containing a cleavage site for pathogenic type III effector (PF05627)

From: Genome-wide mapping of NBS-LRR genes and their association with disease resistance in soybean

Gene names Pfam ID Arabidopsis Ortholog Gene descriptions Log2(fold change)
     0 hai 6 hai 12 hai
Glyma03g19920.1 PF05627 AT3G25070.1 RIN4 (RPM1 INTERACTING PROTEIN 4); 0.41309 0.090823 0.687695
protein binding
Glyma05g31770.1 PF05627 AT5G09960.1 unknown protein 0.695069 −0.09815 −0.01805
Glyma06g15190.1 PF05627 AT5G09960.1 unknown protein 0.322955 0.715957 0.798213
Glyma08g15010.1 PF05627 AT5G09960.1 unknown protein 0.940459 −0.58175 0.072662
Glyma15g06090.1 PF05627 AT5G19473.1 unknown protein −0.60483 1.116678 1.76209
  1. It is also shown are the fold changes occurring between resistant NIL and susceptible NIL in hourly increments after Xag inoculation (hai).