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Table 4 Distribution of the potential miRNA targets by categories

From: miRNA regulation in the early development of barley seed

Targets of pot-miRNAs 4 20 52
Targets of new miRNAs 1 2  
Targets of known miRNAs 11 2 4
Subtotal 16 24 56
Total 96
  1. The targets correspond to barley ESTs potentially regulated by miRNA mediated cleavage. The categories refer to a level of confidence based on the distribution of the smRNAs predicted to bind the target site (see Results and Discussion). The known miRNAs are those identified in previous studies, the new miRNAs are smRNAs for which we identified a pri-miRNA and the pot-miRNAs refer to the remaining set of 19–23 nt smRNAs matching to a TSS (Figure 1). Note that targets of known and new miRNAs may also be targeted by pot- miRNAs.