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Table 3 Parameters used for comparison of thresholding

From: GiA Roots: software for the high throughput analysis of plant root system architecture

  Global Adaptive Double adaptive
  thresholding thresholding thresholding
  tv: 150 ms: -1.25 nh: 15
Default cs: 4000 cs: 4000 cs: 4000
parameters type: binary bs: 19 bd: 5
   type: binary  
  tv: 149/159 ms: -2.50/-2.32 nh: 42/36
Optimized cs: 15/0 cs: 1024/457 cs: 306/219
parameters type: binary bs: 200/27 bd: 5/5
   type: binary,mean_c  
  1. In Figure 4, parameters denote tv = threshold value, cs: minimal connected component size, ms: mean shift, nh: neighborhood size, bs: block size, bd: bound drop value, type: threshold option. The manually optimized parameters correspond to the examples in Figure 4, in top-down order. Extended definitions of the meaning of these parameters are found in Table 2 and the Manual.