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Table 1 Recognition sites and sensitivities to methylation inherent to the restriction enzymes used in the experiment shown in Figure 1.

From: Atypical epigenetic mark in an atypical location: cytosine methylation at asymmetric (CNN) sites within the body of a non-repetitive tomato gene

Enzyme Recognition site Sensitivity to methylation
Aci I 5'-CCGC-3' CpG
Bfa I 5'-CTAG-3' none
BstU I 5'-CGCG-3' CpG
Cfo I 5'-GCGC-3' CpG
Hae III 5'-GGCC-3' none
MspI 5'-CCGG-3' CpNpG
Sau3A I 5'-GATC-3' none