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Table 3 Effect of mineral salt concentrations in the embryogenic culture proliferation medium on callus growth and transformation efficiency

From: Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation of Coffea arabica (L.) is greatly enhanced by using established embryogenic callus cultures

Mineral salt concentration in the ECP proliferation media Callus growth (mg/month) No. of co-cultivated calli Transformation efficiency (%)
MS/4 103 ± 20.7 b* 87 15.6 ± 6.6**
MS/2 267 ± 24.1 a 160 10.5 ± 14.1
MS 254 ± 60.5 a 100 0
1.5MS 217 ± 53.6 a 160 0
  1. * Callus growth was measured by the difference between the final and initial weight of embryogenic cultures after a 1 month proliferation cycle. The initial weight was calibrated at 120 ± 10 mg. Each datum corresponds to the mean ± SD of 4 measurements. We performed an ANOVA followed by the Tukey HSD test to identify significant differences between the means of all treatments. Values with different letters are significantly different at P ≤ 0.05. ** Transformation efficiency was analyzed by the proportion (p) of transformed calli (p = x/n), where x is the number of transformed calli and n the number of co-cultivated calli. A 3 δ confidence limit for binomial distribution was calculated using the formula with a level of confidence of 99%. Each value is the mean of 4 replicates.