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Table 6 Mass spectrometry analysis of the RBCS1 spot 2 isoform.

From: RBCS1 expression in coffee: Coffea orthologs, Coffea arabica homeologs, and expression variability between genotypes and under drought stress

Peptides Mass (M+H) position peptide sequences
2 2026,3700 66-86 NETFSYLPDLTDEQLLK
3 1581.7596 130-143 LPMFGCTDATQVLK
4 1473.7050 167-179 QVQCISFIAAKPK
5 933.5152 159-166 IIGFDNVR
6 914.4002 116-123 SPGYYDGR
  1. This spot was identified in the leaves of clone 14 of C. canephora under the WS condition. Six peptides from MALDI-TOF/TOF tryptic mass spectra (Figure 7) were sequenced by MS/MS ion search and de novo sequencing. They are also reported in Figure 3. The peptides position refers to the full-length RBCS1 protein. Peptide masses are shown as the monoisotopic mass (M+H).