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Table 2 Experimentally confirmed AS events.

From: Assessing the contribution of alternative splicing to proteome diversity in Arabidopsis thalianausing proteomics data

Set AS loci Identifiable AS events AS loci w. confirmed
AS events
(%) Number of confirmed
AS events
Castellana 1,434 1,789 38 2.6 38 2.1
Baerenfaller 1,318 1,641 21 1.6 21 1.3
Merged 1,644 2,059 59 3,6 60 2.9
  1. For each experimental set, the number of TAIR 10 loci with identifiable AS events (AS loci) are given together with the number of identifiable AS events. Both the number of identifiable AS events that were confirmed using experimentally identified peptides and the number of AS loci with at least one confirmed AS events are provided. The percentages are fractions of AS loci and identifiable AS events.