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Table 4 Up- or down-regulation of transcripts in HC-Pro expressing plants

From: HC-Pro silencing suppressor significantly alters the gene expression profile in tobacco leaves and flowers

Leaf    Leaf   
EST/mRNA Fold Description EST/mRNA Fold Description
NP917355 5.1 Nicotiana tabacum mRNA for ERF1 TA18922_4097 0.2 Solanum lycopersicum CONSTANS 1
FG145666 4.6 Nicotiana tabacum RAV mRNA EB427139 0.2 Populus nigra PnLHY2 mRNA for transcription factor LHY
EH620499 3.4 Arabidopsis thaliana PLPB (PAS/LOV PROTEIN B) TA16366_4097 0.3 Glycine max MYB transcription factor MYB118 (MYB118) mRNA
AB063574 2.5 Nicotiana tabacum WRKY DNA-binding protein EB434774 0.3 Arabidopsis thaliana ATHB-7 (At-HOMEOBOX 7 )
FG637951 2.4 Nicotiana sylvestris nserf3 gene for ethylene-responsive element binding 3 EB435512 0.3 Arabidopsis thaliana CDF1 (CYCLING DOF FACTOR 1)
DV159714 2.4 Medicago truncatula GIGANTEA protein TA14638_4097 0.4 Castanea sativa Late elongated hypocotyl (LHY)
EB433445 2.4 Arabidopsis thaliana mRNA for RNA polymerase sigma subunit SigD SIG4 (SIGMA FACTOR 4) EB428015 0.4 Nicotiana sylvestris Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 4 (ERF4)
DW002999 2.2 Arabidopsis thaliana KTF1 (KOW DOMAIN CON-TAINING TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR 1) FG641901 0.4 Arabidopsis thaliana basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) protein
DV162575 2.1 Arabidopsis thaliana Transcription initiation factor IIB-2 FG642227 0.4 Solanum tuberosum MADS transcriptional factor (Stmads11) mRNA
TA15319_4097 2.0 Nicotiana tabacum WIZZ, JA-induced WRKY mRNA DV999024 0.4 Populus trichocarpa SAUR family protein (SAUR23), mRNA, Auxin responsive
Flower    TC4480 0.4 Solanum tuberosum Jasmonic acid 2, NAC-transcription factor
TA13711_4097 2.6 Nicotiana tabacum RAV mRNA TA17590_4097 0.5 Oryza sativa WRKY transcription factor 65 (WRKY65) gene
DV999109 2.3 Nicotiana tabacum Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 1 (ERF1) EB446153 0.5 Tobacco mRNA for TGA1a DNA-binding protein; bZIP transcription factor
TA15319_4097 2.1 Nicotiana tabacum WIZZ JA-induced WRKY mRNA EB424613 0.5 Camellia sinensis MYB transcription factor
TA16951_4097 2.1 Arabidopsis thaliana ASL37 mRNA for ASYMMETRIC LEAVES2-like 37 protein DW004709 0.5 Lycopersicon esculentum AREB-like protein mRNA; bZIP transcription factor;
AF193771 2.0 Nicotiana tabacum DNA-binding protein 4 (WRKY4) mRNA    
  1. HC-Pro expression alters significantly (p < 0.05) expression of several transcription factor genes.
  2. Fold change is indicated as a ratio of HC-Pro/WT calculated from normalized median intensity values (n = 3).