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Figure 4

From: HC-Pro silencing suppressor significantly alters the gene expression profile in tobacco leaves and flowers

Figure 4

Proteome analysis of two biological replicates of wild type (WT) and HC-Pro expressing plants (HC-Pro). Proteins isolated from leaves were separated by using 2D-polyacrylamide gel electroforesis (2D-PAGE). Proteins in two isoelectric focused strips (WT and HC-Pro) were separated the second dimension in a large SDS-polyacrylamide gel. Upper gels (A and B) are stained using colloidal coomassie blue and the lower gel (C) using silver staining. White circles indicate control protein spots, whose intensity was not changed and black circles indicate protein spots that were either increased (1, RBCL and 4, PsaN, CP12) or decreased (2, OEE33 and 3, CYP2) in HC-Pro expressing plants. The identity of numbered protein spots was analysed using LC-ESI MS/MS mass spectrometry.

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